Our Typical Prototying, CNC Machining & Fabrication Clients

The Auto Industry OEM Designs

CNC Machined Parts are supplied for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in North America, both prototyping or supplied designs.

Tool and Die Assembly Components

A Typical Tool & Die Component is really a combination of several CNC/Machined Parts

CNC Parts for Large Factories

We are very familiar with the challenges of maintaining large factories. Repairs are needed, or the functions of machines will need to be expanded or altered.

What We Do


These three components are prototype examples developed for the auto industry including stamped brackets and CNC machined arms and drill and tap at specific locations.

CNC Machining Components

Our facility has a full line of computerized lathes, turning machines and routers. CNC parts can be machined to tight tolerances for high precision components.

OEM and Auto Manufacturing

This is a custom built auto seat headrest metal frame. It was built using a specially manufactured fixture which was then used to bend and twist the carbon steel into the headrest bracket.