OEM Auto Prototyping

Auto Headrest Frame Manufacture

One of the OEM manufactured parts was for a headrest of a very popular north American car, manufactured in Canada. This was built to specifications using a pre configured fixture that was used for the precision bending process.

That’s the image displayed at the top of this page. The typical person sees the headrest being removed and replaced, with the two notched extensions being inserted into the top flat section of the seat.

However, on the inside of the headrest, is a bracket that looks like this. It’s the rudimentary initial design that’s then further refined and finished before being covered with foam, cloth and formed sheet metal covers.

This base bracket would be notched first to accommodate a spring powered lock to fasten it securely inside the top section of the auto seat, and then it will be cut to size. Thereafter is a set of electro mechanical treatments including a chrome electroplating process to provide that shiny appealing look that consumers desire.

Custom Auto Parts Design and Manufacturer

Essex Precision Ltd has designed and manufactured many parts for the auto industry. Many of the OEM designs are provided by the assembler, or, in some cases, Essex Precision Ltd. designs or improves on the design of the items for production in consultation with the manufacturer.

Metal based items manufactured for the auto industry will vary from engine parts, body parts, braking cylinders, suspension components and custom specially machined items for prototyping.

Essex precision Ltd has in its production line various CNC machines, various lathes, boring machines, milling machines welders, drill presses, variable speed drill presses, vertical band saws and much more.

Demand For Auto Parts

The demand for auto parts is largely driven by the demand for new vehicles. Canada is ranked as the 10th largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world. On average, every month approximately one hundred and thirty five thousand (135000) to one hundred and forty eight thousand (148,000) new vehicles are sold every month. For passenger cars, this equates to approximately seventy two percent (72%) being North American manufactured vehicles. The largest number of vehicles is sold in Ontario, followed by Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. There is mush scope for improved sales from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 auto parts manufacturing.