Custom Auto Parts Prototyping

Our Prototyping Services

At Essex precision Limited, our metal prototyping tasks extends the functionalities of the vehicle design team by taking the design ideas of the team one step closer to being completely developed into the final vehicle.

Prototyping is being completed for concept cars, or show cars as part of the structure and performance verification process. Prototyping is used by the auto assembler for design valuation and it helps in visualizations of the finished product.

The newly manufactured item can then be used in a series of manufacturing tests and validations, to verify strength and performance testing, all of which are integral aspects of auto manufacturing and quality assurance procedures.

Inference testing is another function that a prototype is currently being used for. In using the actual manufactured item in an assembled prototyped machine, any inference with other assembled items can be observed. This will prompt additional design changes, with alterations to the prototyped item and subsequent changes to the manufactured part for assembly and safety purposes.

Typically, the CAD design is provided to Essex Precision Ltd in the form of AutoCad or SolidWorks, or other popular Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. These are transposed into CAD/CAM software and fed into the CNC machines.

This kind of trial produced automotive prototyping is common within the industry and will lead to product design lifecycle optimizations and cost reductions. The manufacturing plant can experiment with different ideas on production and test these at the same time the prototype is being CNC’d. This will ultimately lead to lower development and manufacturing costs when full sale production begins.


Auto Prototyping Examples

The “L Shaped” bracket shown on this page is a machined bracket for a windshield wiper system. It was developed using hardened aluminum alloy which was initially cut to size in an angled manner.

The two metal components in the upper sections of the image are stamped brackets for the same L shaped windshield wiper system. These are cut, drilled, bored, and then stamped and folded as necessary.

Various machines were then used to mill, cut, drill and tap the hardened aluminum block in several stages, until the desired prototype is formed.

Automotive metal prompting can include parts for the dashboard, air vents, ducts, steering wheel, steering system, arm rest and head rest for seats, door panels, grills for speakers and covers, lightning (headlights, taillights and other lamps), door handles and latches, engine covers, and injection system components.